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Trademark Search

Our research reports utilize cutting edge technology and proprietary databases. Each report looks for similar sounds, appearance, meaning and includes all possible phonetic variations including the foreign translations.

Our trademark search options include:

  U.S. Extensive Full Availabilty Search  



This search includes a search of U.S. Trademark Office records of all registered, pending, expired, canceled or abandoned trademarks and service marks, plus state trademarks, common law, and company names.

Common law sources include:

  • U.S. Business Directory
  • Directory of Corporate Affiliations
  • The Thomas Register
  • News Search from thousands of news, business and trade publications.

  U.S. & Canada Extensive Full Availabilty Search  



This search combines our U.S. Extensive search with extensive Canadian sources, including the Canadian Trade-Marks database, and numerous Canadian common law sources.


  U.S. Extensive Federal Search  



This search compares your mark with identical or similar marks in the Federal Trademark Register. This search is especially helpful when you have several choices for potential trademarks and you wish to narrow the field by eliminating obviously unavailable marks.


  Design Search  



This search will compare your logo to existing logos filed with in the Federal Registry. The search is conducted by breaking your logo into design code classifications and comparing them to existing logos.


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