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Inventors Handbook

Download the Inventors Handbook or browse the handbook below:

The following is a guide on the invention process, based on our client experience. Designed for potential clients who are unfamiliar with the inventive process, this handbook identifies 5 important phases in developing an idea into a commercially successful product, and explores key individual steps involved in each phase.

A. Protecting the Idea

  I. Intellectual Property Right Protection – patents, trademarks and copyright

B. Preliminary Patent Matters

  I. “Idea” vs. “Invention”
II. “Publishing” an idea/invention

C. Assessing the Idea

  I. Is Patenting Possible
II. Is patenting Practical?
III. Research
IV. Disclosure
V. Patent Searches

D. Commercializing the Idea

  I. Business Plan
II. Financing Decisions
III. Manufacturing and Licensing
IV. Marketing Strategies

E. Analyzing the Performance

  I. Contingency Plan
II. Review - the performance of the product and the commercial results

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