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Patel & Almeida serves clients in the areas of trademark and copyright law, delivering quality legal services at a fraction of the cost encountered at larger national firms. Our clients value our sound judgment, round-the-clock responsiveness, and our ability to find creative solutions to complex problems in a cost-efficient manner.

Whether you're filing a new trademark application in the United States or internationally, responding to a USPTO office action, or caught in a trademark dispute requiring the finesse of an expert litigator, our attorneys and staff are always prepared to deliver exceptional results. With 14 years of legal experience, and as one of the nation's top-rated intellectual property law firms, our record speaks for itself.

Our Recent Trademark Registrations:

Trademark: Natures Prime Reg. No. 466734 Registration Date: January 6, 2015

Trademark: Deluxe Reg. No. 4666420 Registration Date: January 6, 2015

Trademark: Tax Aid Reg. No. 4666154 Registration Date: January 6, 2015

Trademark: Beauty Renew Reg. No. 4668520 Registration Date: January 6, 2015

Sample of Our Litigation Victories:
Delta Air Lines, Inc. vs. Delta Van Lines, Inc. Successfully defended our client's mark against an opposition filed by Delta Air Lines. Read More
Exxon Mobil Corporation vs. Jaya Medical Supplies, Inc., Successfully defended our client's mark against an opposition claiming infringement against a family of trademarks owned by Exxon Mobile Corporation. Read More
Choice First Distribution, LLC v. John L. Brown, Successfully cancelled the trademark CHRONIC 187 with a showing that the registration was void ab initio due to the registrant’s mere token use of its trademark. Read More


Sample of Our Office Action Victories:
Successfully argued that no likelihood of confusion exists between GLUCOJOINT, Ser. No. 85537657, and GLUZOJOINT-F, Reg. No. 3788282 -- both for dietary supplements. Read More
Successfully argued that no likelihood of confusion exists between SPYRAL, Ser. No. 85479842, for "live performances by a musical band" and SPYRALI, Reg. No. 3627046, for "organization of exhibitions for cultural or entertainment purposes" Read More
Successfully argued that the mark XLBRAKE, Ser. No. 85351126 is not "merely descriptive" for "extra-large" sized auto brakes because "XL" refers to "acceleration", not the size of the brakes; and because auto brakes are not normally sold in "extra-large" size Read More



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We are one of the nation's top filers and have been rated by Trademark InsiderĀ® to be among the top 25 U.S. law firms.
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Since 1999
For over 14 years, Patel & Almeida has been the trusted leader in protecting the intellectual property of our clients.

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